Trade Association

The Trade Association is the heart of CChC. It comprises 3 structures:

  • Labor Union Committees
  • Advisory Commissions
  • Regional Chambers

Trade Association Committees

The eight labor union committees are grouped into the areas of housing, infrastructure and supplies.

The Housing area is made up of the Real Estate Committee, which includes all the members who are interested in the construction of homes with private funding, and the Housing Committee, which gathers all of those who build homes with government subsidies.

The Infrastructure area is composed of members who work in construction with a public principal and who make up the Public Infrastructure Works Committee and the Licensing Committee, as well as by those who work with large private principals and who comprise the General Contractors Committee.

The Supplies area is made up of members who manufacture or broker building materials and comprise the Industrials Committee and the Providers, respectively, and those who perform the complementary installations at the civil construction projects and who participate in the Specialties Committee.

Advisory Commissions

In order to support the work of the Executive Board, there is a series of Advisory Commissions, made up of members, which contribute to the analysis of different subjects from a technical and labor-union viewpoint and which propose action paths in the face of potential or long-term issues. These are:

  • City and Territory Commission
  • Infrastructure Commission
  • Occupational Health and Safety Commission
  • International Affairs Commission
  • Decentralization Commission
  • Weeks and Fairs Commission
  • Membership Commission
  • Legislation Commission
  • Productivity and Modernization Commission

Commissions of the Principal Business:

  • Urban Planning, Housing, Infrastructure.


1) For business administration:

  • Labor Safety
  • International Affairs
  • Corporate Development

2) Commissions for matters of interest to the country:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainable Development
  • Decentralization

3) Commissions for Chamber Member Activities:

  • Week and Holidays

4) Legal Affairs Commissions

  • Legislation Commission

Regional Chambers

Throughout Chile, the CChC has a presence through its Regional Chambers. This structure makes it possible to remain knowledgeable of the realities, needs and demands of the region, and to encourage the participation of the members.

  • CChC Arica
  • CChC Iquique
  • CChC Calama
  • CChC Antofagasta
  • CChC Copiapó
  • CChC La Serena
  • CChC Valparaíso
  • CChC Rancagua
  • CChC Talca
  • CChC Chillán
  • CChC Concepción
  • CChC Los Ángeles
  • CChC Temuco
  • CChC Valdivia
  • CChC Osorno
  • CChC Puerto Montt
  • CChC Coyhaique
  • CChC Punta Arenas