The social and labor-union spirit that motivated those visionary founders of the Chilean Chamber of Construction, has driven the sector to play a principal role in the development of the country. On the one hand, the labor union and its businessmen have provided an enormous boost to this industry. On the other hand, and based on the social spirit that drives them, they have created and founded a set of organizations which provide services and wellbeing to its workers first and foremost, but also to the rest of the Chilean population.

Reaffirming this commitment of the construction industry’s business leaders toward their workers and families, the Chilean Construction Chamber (CChC) has set out to give the Social Network a makeover, in order to not only introduce the specific tools that would allow its members to increase the number of social responsibility actions in their companies, in direct benefit to their employees, but also make these tools available to them.

In this way, we present to you “Social CChC”. This is a set of organizations available to the member companies, so that the latter, by contracting their services and executing the social projects in their companies, can fulfill their commitment to improving the quality of life of their workers and their families. In this way, Social CChC comprises a Network of 15 entities, which cover the areas of education/training, health, housing, sports/culture and social wellness. These areas have been structured based on the social needs of the workers and families of the construction industry.