Students from North American universities visited CChC to learn about chilean Sustainability programs

16 | 01 | 2019

As part of the US university program entitled “Sustainability through a Business Lens: People, Planet and Profit in Chile” of Saint Catherine’s University, Saint Thomas University, and Hamline University, of Minnesota, USA, a group of 17 students and three teachers, visited the Chilean Chamber of Construction to witness initiatives and sustainability and sustainability programs in Chile.

The activity began with the general presentation of CChC by the Foreign Affairs Manager of CChC, Cristian Vial, to later know the CChC path to Sustainability, presentation made by Francisca Varela, Deputy manager of sustainability of CChC.

Ignacio Salas, educational leader and who works constantly with this group of students, mentioned that “Our university group was received so attentively by the areas of Sustainability and “Foreign Affairs” at CChC. The Students had the opportunity to learned about the new and innovative model to foster sustainability in the construction industry and affected communities. This visit to the chilean chamber directly contributed knowledge aligned with the framework “Triple Bottom Line” that we studied in our program: Sustainability through a Business Lens: People, Planet and Profit in Chile”.

To finish the activity, the students visited the offices of the CDT to visit and understand the operation of the Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) also known as “harmonic absorver”, device mounted in structures to reduce the amplitude of mechanical vibrations. Icon of the CDT and CChC building that is in the upper part of the building structure.