What is CChC

CChC is a labor-union association whose principal goal is to promote the development of and stimulate construction activity, as a fundamental lever for the development of the country within the context of a social market economy based on private industry.

The Chamber also looks to support the wellbeing of Chileans, especially that of construction workers and their families, through its Social Network. This network was built through time as a set of entities focused on social action which has developed thanks to the generous contribution of the members, good management and the patrimonial consolidation of the Chamber.


Between 1947 and 1950, a group of business owners and professionals in the construction field, formed on the occasion of the construction projects of the Modernization and Improvement Program of La Serena, thought of the idea of creating an association that would unite the builders.

Some business owners became interested in the creation of a body of trade union nature, intended to serve the community; that would not be limited to Santiago but that would cover all of the national territory; and that was an intermediate entity of society.

Inspired by the organizations already in existence, they set out to create one that would represent not only the business owners of the construction industry but rather all of the activities of that field (manufacturers, providers, distributors, urban developers, architectural colleges, engineers and civil constructors).

The interest in a broad representation gave rise to the name: Chilean Chamber of Construction. In addition to looking to increase the volume of construction projects and improve their quality in the country, they set out to find formulas so that the construction workers would also benefit with the organization.


Our mission is to contribute to the wellbeing of Chileans through the development of the construction sector and private initiative, along with perfecting the public sector, as agents of progress and equality in the country.


To promote the development of, and stimulate construction as a fundamental lever for the development of the country. Support the wellbeing of Chileans, especially that of construction workers and their families.

Vision of the Future 2014 | 2019

1. CChC commitment with the development of the country, contributing to the wellbeing of people:

1.1 Contributing to the wellbeing of the country and people, through sustainable development.

1.2 Contributing to the process of creating public policies.

2. CChC commitment to the development of the construction industry:

2.1. Strengthening the national labor-union organization.

2.2. Stimulating the construction industry.

2.3. Corporate sustainability.

The Code of Good Practices in the Construction Industry condenses the spirit of values and ethics that must inspire our members. It is mandatory for the associates of the labor union, and for that reason, we invite you to read it, reflect on it and apply it in the broad development of your professional activities.