Labor Union Committee Presidents

The principal level of participation of the members are eight labor-union committees, which they join voluntarily according to their particular interests, and which are grouped under the headings of housing, infrastructure and supplies.

The Housing Area is composed of the Real Estate Committee, which brings together all the members who are interested in the construction of buildings with private funding, and the Housing Committee, which encompasses those who build with government subsidies.

The Infrastructure Area is composed of members who work in the field of construction with a public mandate and includes the Committees of Public Infrastructure Works and Licensing, as well as those who work with large private mandates and are brought together in the General Contractors Committee.

The Supplies Area is composed of members who manufacture or broker building materials and who comprise the Committees of Industrials and Providers, respectively, and those who perform the complementary installations on civil construction projects and who participate in the Specialties Committee:

Licensing Committee:

President: Luis Miguel de Pablo

General Contractors Committee:

President: Ramón Yávar

Specialties Committee:

President: Darío Donoso Cajas.

Industrials Committee:

President: Guido Sepúlveda.

Real Estate Committee:

President: Bernardo Echeverría Vial

Public Infrastructure Works Committee:

President: Jorge Letelier

Providers Committee:

President: Félix Escudero

Housing Committee

President: Rogelio González Yáñez.